Growing With Love & Light by Michelle Jackson

Growing With Love & Light by Michelle Jackson

Vegan 🥕 & Cannabis 🍁 Expert. She is more then just your average grower. 

You can follow her vegan cannabis lifestyle blog directly right here Michelle Jackson Consulting 

She posts pictures of her weed, vegan food and her cats doing cute stuff. 😻🐈‍⬛
She shares about how plants can help you live a healthier and more 🌍💚 lifestyle.

Plants are her specialty 🌱

She loves Functional Mushrooms 🍄
Cordyceps, Reishi and Lions Mane are her favorites.

She's also an Essential Oils / do-Terra wellness advocate 🌸

Sustainability is a principle that's very close to her heart 🌎

Animals are her passion. 🐈‍⬛ She has two cats who are a major part if her life. 

A Humanitarian by nature,  she's a Volunteer Captain at The Humane League 🐣
They conduct media campaigns and public outreach to convince corporations to adopt more humane conditions for animals raised for food.
Please message her on the on Clubhouse or Instagram if you are interested in volunteer opportunities.
Most actions are online and take only a couple of minutes.